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Horn and Cauldron, Church of the Earth

We are an established initiatory Coven in our second decade of continuous devotion to the Deities.

We are an active experiential in-person Wiccan Teaching Coven and offer open rituals, teaching, and more.

In the Spiral Tree Grove Tradition, we connect with the world around us, feeling the turning of the Wheel and Moon, and recognizing the cyclic nature of life. We celebrate life and the mysteries found within.

The driving force in our tradition and our lives is striving for "balance." Balance between mundane and magical, God and Goddess, light and shadow. This allows us to more easily reach for the magic that leads to spiritual growth and insight; therefore creating a more fulfilled and balanced life.

Our Coven and its teachings are more directly focused on the religious aspect of Wicca. We look upon Wicca as a way to more easily connect with our Gods. They are beside us everyday. They are the rising and setting Sun, the Moon in all Her faces, the Earth we walk upon and the Air we breathe. We try hard to honor Them with everything we do.

Learn more about us at our website:

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