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Blue Moon Caravan Tribal Bellydance


12:30 - 1


Ritual Field near Main Stage

Blue Moon Caravan comes together to create an artistic improvisational dance movement that connects to the Divine Feminine. Entering together linking ancient movements with a modern flair. You can join in and dance on the earth with Blue Moon Caravan as they include a small crowd dance-along.

Blue Moon Caravan is a Global Caravan Tribal Bellydance-based group under the direction of Angie "Neylan" Wimmer. These beautiful dancers come together connecting the Divine Feminine within to create a richly improvised dance. Blue Moon Caravan incorporates influences from Indian, Spanish Flamenco, North African, and Traditional Bellydance styles with a modern flair. Each performance is an artistic moment in time that embodies joy and connection to be shared by all.


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