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Drum Circle

Drum Circle and Dancing


3:30 - 4:30


Workshop Tent 1

We invite you to join us in a very gently facilitated drum circle with free-form dancing and body movement (and singing and playing and whatever happens!). All are welcome. Drum, dance, take turns, step away as needed. Bring drums/percussion (or other instruments!) if you have any (we have some to share!). If you have extra percussion (or other) instruments that you would like to share, please bring them. If you do not want to share your instruments, that's okay too! We will have extra. Bring whatever drumming and/or dancing experience or talents you might have (none works great!). We'll have plenty of chairs (and grass) to sit on. We hope to drum and dance with you!

Brenna and Jim are two awesome beings who love creating a container for drumming and dancing in order to groove and raise energy in community.

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