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Five Pagan Things That Aren't Pagan


2 - 2:30


Workshop Tent 1

The rapid growth of social media and platforms such as TikTok have allowed for the amazing widespread growth of Witchcraft and Pagan traditions. But with growth comes viral misinformation that affects beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. Join WitchTok micro-influencer Bettina of The Queen's Grove for this light-hearted exploration into investigating and debunking the misinformation, or missing context, surrounding five popular Pagan ideas and practices.

Bettina (or Sionnach) is the owner of The Queen's Grove, a Witch and Pagan shop, as well as an artist, writer, Priestess, and WitchTok creator. Her mission through her shop and TikTok is to help beginners on their spiritual journeys as well as provide entertaining and educational material for the Pagan and Witch community.

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