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Magical Manifestation Methods


1 - 2


Workshop Tent 2

We will discuss the concept and methods of manifestation, what it is, beliefs about this, debates/limitations of these methods, and similarities/differences between manifestation and magic (are they one in the same or not?).

Lori Pattison has been studying and practicing eclectic Wicca and spirituality for 24 years now. Lori practiced as a solitary overall for the first 9 years, then became a member of Spiral Tree Grove (STG), Church of the Earth. Lori completed the clergy training program within this tradition by 2013, and formed her own small coven called Sacred Crystal Coven (SCC), Church of the Earth, that follows in the STG tradition. This is also a sister coven to Horn and Cauldron, Church of the Earth. Lori also has a strong focus and interest in meditation practices, crystals/stones, energy/vibrations, and spiritual awakening/ascension consciousness. Additionally, Lori is a mental health therapist and believes in helping others to improve their lives, both through her career and on a spiritual level.

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