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Mantra & Buddhist Meditation for Magicians


1 - 2


Workshop Tent 1

This presentation will be about two practices from the subcontinent of Southeast Asia -- one theistic and one non-theistic.

Keith Brough is an initiate of Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) and a practitioner of ritual magick; a brother Master Mason; and an admitted attorney in Connecticut. As an active member of Mithras Oasis, OTO, he has lectured on ritual and meditative practices, Christian Mysticism, Thelema, Romanticism, Surrealism, Bhakti Yoga, Samkhya, and Qabalah. In addition to exploring magickal practice from his own individual perspective of the meaningful, the practical, and the beautiful -- he is also an avid fan of underground electronic dance music; UK Garage; and is an amateur vinyl DJ who enjoys painting with oils on collage, Hebrew Calligraphy, horror movies, and reading poetry alongside his two cats.

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