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SNE Chapter of Wolfshäger Hexenbrüts Witches Dance Troupe

SNE Wolfshäger Hexenbrüts Witches Dance Troupe


11:30 to 11:45 and 1 to 1:15


Main Stage

The Southern New England Chapter of the Wolfshäger Hexenbrüts Dance Troupe will be performing the original choreography of the Hexenbrüts of Germany! Not only do they perform the Witches Dance, made famous by the German group back in 2016, but several of the other Original German dances as well. The SNE dance troupe celebrated Beltane in Salem with several performances on the Salem Common. They will be returning for another Fright Night performance at Fort Getty after performing at SpookFest at Rocky Point, both on October 21st! This group has a very ambitious performance schedule for 2023, so you might want to check them out whenever you can! They are offering two performances at RI Pagan Pride Day 2023!

The SNE Chapter of the Wolfshäger Hexenbrüts Witches Dance Troupe was founded in August 2022 by dancer and choreographer Bernie Courtney. Bernie and co-administrator Jennifer Fava have extensive backgrounds in dance and have successfully recreated several of the Original dances and choreography by the Wolfshäger Hexenbrüts of Germany (the "Wolf Hunters' Coven" in English). This performance troupe excels at presenting professional, well-rehearsed dance performances where ever they perform, and opened their 2023 season in Salem, MA in celebration of Beltane! Though not a requirement, this troupe consists of mostly authentic Pagan performers who look forward to sharing their Magic through dance! This group is a must-see for anyone attending RIPPD! The SNE chapter features performers from RI, CT, and MA and is available for performances year-round.

More information about the dance troupe can be found at the BC Designs booth across from the main stage. The booth also features handcrafted items and jewelry created by Bernie Courtney.

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