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Yemaya, Spirit of the Sea


1:15 - 1:45


Main Stage

Raven Morgaine, a priest of Yemaya for over three decades and author of the book, "Yemaya: Orisha, Goddess, and Queen of the Sea," will share some of his knowledge and inspiration in this talk. Yemaya, queen of the sea, first emerged in Yorubaland (now in modern Nigeria). A primordial deity, considered the mother of all, she is perceived by some to be at the root of numerous ancient goddesses, including Isis. During the Middle Passage, Yemaya accompanied her enslaved devotees to the Western Hemisphere, where her eventual association with the Virgin Mary helped her veneration take root and flourish.

No longer a local water spirit, Yemaya is among the most beloved and prominent spirits of Candomblé, Santeria, and other African diaspora traditions. Exploring her history and many forms, including her roles as mother, lover, witch, warrior, and mermaid, Raven describes Yemaya’s many paths, aspects, and incarnations, as well as her special role in the LGBTQ community. Don't miss this talk!

Be sure to also visit Raven's Familiar Spirits booth and get a signed copy of the book from the author. The booth will also feature Raven Morgaine's spirit altar dolls, visual art, and hand-made magickal tools.

A spiritual artist and author who has dedicated his life and work to the service of the great mother goddess Yemaya, Raven Morgaine is a practitioner of Candomblé, New Orleans Voodoo, Santeria, and witchcraft. Raven is renowned for the spirit altar dolls and striking visual art he creates, as well as for being a sought-after psychic reader and advisor. Raven's art is on display at the Wonder Woman Museum in Connecticut, and he has been featured in numerous publications and podcasts. He lives in Rhode Island.



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