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BC Designs

BC Designs

Bernie Courtney is the founder and creator behind BC Designs, which combines her love and fascination with fabrics, beads, sticks, stones, plants, found objects, and clay with her experience in sewing, jewelry making, art, dance, and hand-building using fired ceramic clays. Bernie hails from Massachusetts but currently lives in Jamestown, Rhode Island. She has always been inspired by all things Celestial, including the Sun, Moon, Stars, Astrology, nature, animals, plants, trees, and THE OCEAN. Living close to the sea has always been a dream of Bernie's and though she continues to feel a connectedness to ALL things, her proximity to the Ocean has particularly enhanced her love, obsession, passion, Inspiration, and Adoration for THE GODDESS. She hopes that her Goddess creations bring you joy, blessings, and happiness, wherever you place them in your home.

Bernie Courtney is also the founder of the Southern New England Chapter of the Wolfshäger Hexenbrüts Dance Troupe, which will be performing at Rhode Island Pagan Pride Day this year. Learn more about the dance troupe on the Workshops & Performances page.

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