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The Nerdy Ducky

The Nerdy Ducky (collective of @Helian.Tides and @tats_for_thought on Instagram) is a collaborative business between taxidermy art, soap, and tattoo-work. Ran between two wives, they use their soul energy as soulmates to create wonderful work. All taxidermy is of different insects from around the world and are completely ethical, meaning that they come from different taxidermy list agencies that work with museums, butterfly gardens, and insect sanctuaries. When they pass away naturally they go to different people on those lists and @tats_for_thought is one of the few artists on those lists. @tats_for_thought believes this to be part of their practice and is happy to share a little bit of nature in people's homes. @Helian.Tides is an artist who prides herself in all-natural soaps using castor oil, coconut oil, shea oil, and olive oil in their cold-processed soaps. They love to use different themes and provide a hearty but heartfelt piece to the people who are thinking of it the most. Each soap has a theme and they provide a wonderful bottle scent if you wish to see what the experience is before you buy. They use fun scents that range from pink lemonade and snow fairy to more earthbound scents such as patchouli and sandalwood, to even mysterious and thought-provoking scents such as "Lord of Misrule." This ethical and scent-worthy business is worth taking a look!

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